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PHOTO STORY: The Lifeblood of Coastal Conservation in Asia
Climate change, industrial fishing and pollution pose constant and increasing threats to coastal and marine ecosystems. These communities are fighting back.
2016/11/28 | Malaysiakini
Japanese Skating Rink Closed after Outrage Over Fish Frozen in Ice
The operator is considering holding a memorial service for the fish.
2016/07/14 | Chang Shin-wei
Taiwanese Packaging Design Shines at International Design Awards
Innovative and practical Taiwan fish packaging design picks up nine international awards.
2016/06/23 | Yuan-ling Liang
Taiwanese Hackers Come to the Rescue of Languishing Fish Stocks
Taiwanese hacking skills are helping to preserve global fish stocks.
28% of the Fish Indonesians Consume Are Full of Plastic and Debris
Indonesia has few landfills and little waste collection or recycling. Instead, large amounts of plastic are tossed directly onto the beaches and into the ocean. A lack of purified drinking water that forces Indonesian residents to drink bottled water, and they often toss the plastic bottles.