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2016/09/21 | Olivia Yang
Taiwan Knows What's Wrong With Its Film Industry. So Why Isn't It Changing?
A South Korean box office hit has set off a flurry of discussions about the state of Taiwan's film industry.
2016/09/01 | Leung Wing-fai
China’s Film Industry: Blocked by its Own Great Wall
Chinese cinema enjoys private capital and state support, but the industry still lacks exportable brand names by way of stars or studios.
2016/08/15 | Yuan-ling Liang
Taiwanese Flock to See Controversial Hong Kong Film
Banned in China, the controversial Hong Kong film 'Ten Years' is enjoying good play time in Taiwan.
2016/08/09 | Malaysiakini
Malaysian Actor Boycotts Film Festival Over Awards Segregation
A well-known Malaysian actor and filmmaker is protesting racial segregation at a major film awards.
2016/07/07 | Jonathan Landreth
Using Free Sex to Expose Sexual Abuse in China
A Q&A with Nanfu Wang, director of the documentary ‘Hooligan Sparrow’.
2016/06/29 | Chang Shin-wei
Tibetan Filmmaker Arrested in China
The detention and possible mistreatment of an award-winning Tibetan filmmaker comes as international politicians appear to be running out of patience with China’s human rights abuses.