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2016/08/15 | Yuan-ling Liang
Taiwanese Flock to See Controversial Hong Kong Film
Banned in China, the controversial Hong Kong film 'Ten Years' is enjoying good play time in Taiwan.
2016/12/22 | Cinema Escapist
INTERVIEW: A Peak of Film Productions in the 'Theater State' of North Korea
In a special in-depth interview, author and filmmaker Paul Fischer discusses his book about North Korean cinema and how perception and propaganda define the isolated state.
2016/10/22 | Andy Wright
How 'All the President's Men' Defined the Look of Journalism on Screen
As we enter the final leg of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, let us examine one of the iconic film portrayals of press and politics.
2016/07/07 | Jonathan Landreth
Using Free Sex to Expose Sexual Abuse in China
A Q&A with Nanfu Wang, director of the documentary ‘Hooligan Sparrow’.
2017/05/18 | Shreya Dasgupta
Rare and Secretive Bay Cat Caught on Camera in Borneo
The secretive bay cat was photographed and filmed in a new location that is about 40 miles outside its currently known distribution range in Borneo.
2017/01/06 | ZiQing Low
Taiwan Filmmaker Denies ‘Pro-Independence’ Claim by Chinese Media
The Taiwanese director is now being accused of bowing to Chinese pressure.
2016/10/24 | Mo Tz-pin
Taiwanese Star Fired from Chinese Movie for 'Separatism'
Another day, another Taiwanese artist barred from performing in China.
2016/10/07 | Kira-Anne Pelican
‘Journey to the West’ — A Chinese Epic for Western Eyes
If film adaptations of traditional Chinese tales are to succeed, they must appeal to universal cultural norms.
2016/10/06 | Mo Tz-pin
Film Festival Highlights Debate over Death Penalty in Taiwan
A group opposed to capital punishment hopes to raise awareness on the controversial issue through films and after-screening discussions.
2016/09/21 | Olivia Yang
Taiwan Knows What's Wrong With Its Film Industry. So Why Isn't It Changing?
A South Korean box office hit has set off a flurry of discussions about the state of Taiwan's film industry.
2016/09/01 | Leung Wing-fai
China’s Film Industry: Blocked by its Own Great Wall
Chinese cinema enjoys private capital and state support, but the industry still lacks exportable brand names by way of stars or studios.
2016/08/09 | Malaysiakini
Malaysian Actor Boycotts Film Festival Over Awards Segregation
A well-known Malaysian actor and filmmaker is protesting racial segregation at a major film awards.