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2020/05/27 | Nicholas Haggerty
What Does It Mean to Be an Expat, Anyway?
Foreigners, expats, immigrants, migrant workers. Will these class labels have the same meaning in the post-pandemic world?
2017/03/02 | Keith Menconi
Anti-Trump Expat Activism Gears Up in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan
'For the modern political gadfly armed with Skype and an internet connection, distance and geography are diminishing barriers to activism.'
China Has Changed U.S. Expats’ Views, But Not Their Votes
Americans in Shanghai see ramifications for Sino-U.S. relations in high-stakes presidential election.
2016/08/22 | Edward White
Expats' Huge Hospital Bill Shows Taiwan's Law Needs Changing: Lawyer
As a flood of donations pours in, a Taiwanese legal commentator says the law excluding the newborns of foreigners in Taiwan from immediate insurance coverage needs changing.
2016/08/19 | ZiQing Low
Expat Couple Shocked by US$41k Taiwan Hospital Bill
An expat couple in Taiwan have started a crowdfunding campaign after being hit with a surprise medical bill after the birth of their twin daughters.
2015/10/18 | 阿Ken
HSBC Survey Ranks Taiwan as 8th Best Country for Expats
HSBC Bank’s 2015 Expat Explorer Survey shows that Singapore ranks first as the world's best destination for expats while Taiwan ranks eighth. One of the reasons Singapore ranked first in the survey is that they have lower tax rates compared to the US. For Chinese communities, Singapore also offers the potential advantages of having a similar culture.