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Taiwan's 2025 Energy Goals Demand an 'Energy 'Czar'
Taiwan's desire to abandon nuclear and cultivate renewables demands a dedicated body, according to AmCham Taipei.
2017/11/13 | Tim Ferry
Energy in Taiwan: Uncertainty in Liquefied Natural Gas
A natural gas receiving terminal has been postponed due to the potential impact on a coral reef.
2017/10/16 | Jayant Menon
Cambodia's Economic Growth Will Require Industry Shift
Cambodia's new status as lower middle-income country poses many challenges and opportunities ahead.
2017/05/04 | Morley J Weston
INFOGRAPHIC: Southeast Asia’s Electricity Paradox
Lights Out: Several countries in the region are exporting electricity before supplying it to their own people.
2017/03/20 | Matthew Fulco
Trouble for Taiwan’s Paradise
With casino gaming off the table, the economy of the idyllic offshore islands of Penghu is more dependent than ever on shaky seasonal tourism.
2017/03/17 | Robert Falkner
Book Review: Fact and Fiction in Global Energy Policy: 15 Contentious Questions
In Fact and Fiction in Global Energy Policy: 15 Contentious Questions, Benjamin J. Sovacool, Marilyn A. Brown and Scott V. Valentine provide an essential guide to the international debate on how to create a more sustainable energy system by probing into some of the key areas of contention. Dr. Robert Falkner highly recommends this volume as a tour de force that will be of utility to students, researchers and practitioners seeking to better understand global energy policy.
2017/02/13 | Timo Räsänen
The Ups and Downs of Chinese Dams on Mekong: New Report
A new study shows the significant impact of Chinese dams on the Mekong, but it is not all bad.
2017/01/11 | The Japan Times
Japan's Energy Policy Needs Overhaul
The government’s long-standing claim to the cost advantage of nuclear power over other energy sources must be reassessed and the energy policy should be reviewed.
2017/01/05 | ZhongXiang Zhang
Powering a Low-Carbon China
There are reasons for optimism as China tries to tackle climate change.
2016/11/02 | Timothy Ferry
FEATURE: Reaching Peak Energy in Taiwan
Can Taiwan maintain reliable – and affordable – electricity prices even as it slashes greenhouse gas emissions?
2016/10/26 | Timothy Ferry
FEATURE: An Early Nuclear-Free Homeland
With both nuclear power plants in northern Taiwan soon to shut down, a significant gap in power supply is looming.
2016/10/23 | Daouda Cissé
Renewable Energy: Canada Learns from China
Canadian companies could play a major global role in renewable energies by combining technological innovation, research and support for low carbon policies.
2016/10/22 | Timothy Ferry
FEATURE: Taiwan’s 'Energiewende' – Developing Renewable Energy
Massive investment in solar and wind power will be needed if Taiwan is to phase out nuclear energy at the same time as meeting its carbon abatement commitments.
2016/08/08 | Matthew Fulco
Taiwan’s Gogoro: Taking a Different Tack
Among Taiwanese scooter brands, the relative newcomer Gogoro is an anomaly.
2016/07/23 | Fergus Green
China’s Coal Cuts Continue Amid Boom in Redundant Coal-Fired Power Stations
Coal consumption is falling, and that’s good news from a climate-change perspective. But the fact that China is on track to spend US$160 billion on redundant coal-fired power stations purely to boost short-term GDP growth highlights some deeper problems in the Chinese political economy.
2016/06/27 | Shuhei Omi
Taipower Warns of Energy Crisis As Taiwan Melts
Taiwan’s state-run power company says it is experiencing an energy crisis due to extremely high temperatures. But some say it’s a sham.
2016/06/20 | Edward White
Are Offshore Wind Farms the Answer to Taiwan’s Energy Woes?
Offshore wind has the potential to drive Taiwan’s shift from nuclear and fossil fuels. However, it is unlikely to be a panacea for a carbon-intensive, resource-poor energy system.