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2016/10/10 | The Japan Times
OPINION: Putin, Trump and the Troubling Claims of ‘Rigged’ Election
Donald Trump is playing with dynamite when he claims that the November election will be 'rigged' and that he might not accept the results when polls close.
2016/09/29 | The Japan Times
OPINION: U.S. Presidential Debate Unnerving for Asia
For non-American viewers, the first U.S. presidential debate provided ample cause for alarm.
2016/09/21 | Suzanne Pepper
Hong Kong Voters Have Spoken, but Is Anyone Listening?
Will Beijing modify its head-in-the-sand approach to the challenges it now faces in Hong Kong?
2016/08/04 | Edward White
Thailand Referendum a ‘Vote at the Barrel of a Gun'
Politicians from around Southeast Asia have hit out at the constitutional referendum taking place in Thailand on Sunday.
2016/07/15 | Edward White
Hong Kong’s Pro-Independence Politicians Mull 'One China' Pledge
Pro-independence activists planning to stand in the upcoming elections are mulling a controversial new requirement for candidates to sign a declaration that Hong Kong is part of China. Some pro-democracy legislators say they will not sign.
2016/06/28 | Suzanne Pepper
Hong Kong’s High Stakes Election: New Candidates, Old Temptations
Facing a well-organized pro-Beijing adversary who never runs for any reason other than to win, Hong Kong’s new political candidates look set to make the same mistakes as their predecessors from the pro-democracy movement.