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2017/08/29 | Chen Na
Beijing's Elderly Lose Homes to Get-Rich-Quick Scheme
Senior citizens are left homeless after mortgaging their family property in exchange for high-interest investment products.
2017/08/10 | Wanning Sun
From Mao to TV Health Shows: The Changing Chain of Command Facing China's Elderly
Having lived through the Maoist decades when the Party-state told them how to live their private lives, senior citizens are now learning to become self-governing subjects, writes Wanning Sun.
2017/08/08 | Peter Chang
China is Getting Older and is Okay with Euthanasia
Instead of pursuing the legalization of euthanasia, the stronger ethical response is to reform China’s public-health system., writes Peter Chang.
2017/03/11 | Tim Ferry
Taiwan's Ticking Time Bomb
Taiwan is facing a social time bomb as its population ages. Critics question how the Tsai administration intends to pay for long-term care and ask what the implications are for the future.
2017/01/17 | The Japan Times
New Technology to Assist Elderly Drivers in Japan
The development of safety mechanisms to assist elderly motorists may not have to be as high-tech as self-driving vehicles running on the latest AI technology. There is a lot that the automakers can do to help reduce accidents involving senior citizens.
2017/01/14 | The Japan Times
Redefining The ‘Elderly’ Age in Japan
In the face of mushrooming social security costs in an aging society, the government plans to start making elderly people with incomes above certain levels shoulder a greater burden of their medical and nursing care expenses.
How the Internet Is Empowering China’s Older Generation
China is teaching its senior citizens how to use the Internet, from online banking to social media apps.
Taiwan’s Looming Dementia Crisis
Amid a lack of public awareness, Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in Taiwan have long faced difficulties finding adequate care. Now, with a rapidly ageing population, the illness is starting to hit the country’s healthcare budget.