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2016/08/29 | Malaysiakini
Malaysians Worried About Economy and Security, Poll Shows
While Malaysians have great pride, a recent poll shows that some issues remain a source of apprehension.
2016/08/26 | Yuan-ling Liang
OPINION: Taiwanese Farmers Need Co-Ops, Not Brands or E-Tail
Despite the good intentions behind recent efforts by young people to help Taiwanese farmers market their products, the agricultural sector faces more fundamental challenges.
2016/08/19 | Edward White
Taiwan's Uber Saga Casts Doubt on Readiness for Digital Future
It is unlikely that the popular ride-sharing service Uber will be kicked out of the country, but the Taiwanese government will continue to fine the company for operating illegally. Are lawmakers scrambling to find measures to deal with new disruptive technologies?
2016/08/10 | The Japan Times
OP-ED: Japan's Faltering Regional Revitalization
The Abe administration's regional revitalization policy has done little to close the growing gap in wealth and population between the large metropolitan areas and the rest of the nation.
2016/07/22 | The Japan Times
Fixing China’s Troubled Economy
'There are worrying indications that the Chinese economy is either on the verge of falling or has already fallen into deflation.'
2016/07/13 | Timothy Ferry
The Challenge of Preserving Biodiversity in Taiwan
Taiwan is home to a broad variety of species, some of them unique to the country. But development puts many at constant risk.
2016/07/12 | Edward White
U.K. Tries to Quell Brexit Fears in Taipei
'If I can reassure you, and get that into your papers and broadcast media, that is what I am seeking to do here.'
2015/11/06 | Kenzo
Over 70 Percent of Taiwan Employees Worry About Unpaid Leave
Spokesman of Yes123, Yang Zong-bin, says that the situation of unpaid leave should be observed until the first half of next year and the situation of the export-oriented high-tech industry and traditional manufacturing should be the main focus. Yang points out, if the workers really have to take unpaid leaves, they should start to observe if the industry has a long-term crisis and think about their next step.