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2017/02/02 | The Japan Times
OPINION: Beware Risks in China’s Economy
Japan braces for the impact of jitters in the Chinese economy.
2017/01/31 | Hannah Wurf
Xi Jinping, the Savior of Globalization?
Xi’s opaque ambition, combined with the weakening of US global power, means there will continue to be contradictory narratives around what he stands for - as well as some wishful thinking, writes Hannah Wurf.
2017/01/28 | Geoff Goodwin
BOOK REVIEW: 'Green Growth: Ideology, Political Economy and the Alternatives'
In 'Green Growth: Ideology, Political Economy and the Alternatives' editors Gareth Dale, Manu V. Mathai and Jose Puppim de Oliveira bring together a range of contributors to challenge the green growth paradigm and outline alternative approaches. This is a rigorous and compelling book that Geoff Goodwin recommends to all those looking to better understand our current environmental crisis.
China Returns to ‘Bird in the Cage’ Economic Policy
Short-term policy changes in 2017 China will have lasting consequences for the greater Asia Pacific long-term economic forecast.
2017/01/11 | Mark Fabian
What Asian Development Can Teach Us About Happiness
Trends suggest that people in China had higher life satisfaction in the aftermath of the nationwide uprisings and crackdowns of 1989 than in the next two decades of rapid growth.
2016/12/15 | Sara Hsu
The Lengthening Shadow of China’s Banking Sector
China's shadow banking sector will continue to grow in a climate that is failing to integrate market forces into financial products.
2016/12/07 | Martin Parkinson
The Business of US Economic Diplomacy in Asia
Despite some shortcomings, the U.S. model of economic diplomacy is still the right bet for the region.
2016/12/02 | Paul Wingrove
Book Review: The Economic War Against Cuba
Salim Lamrani aims to explains some of the essential background to the U.S. economic sanctions against Cuba: their origins, their provisions, how they contravene international law, and how they affect the lives of Cubans. Although not detailed enough for an academic audience, this book does offer a short chronicle and discussion of some of the key events and consequences of more than 50 years of American economic sanctions against Cuba, writes Paul Wingrove.
2016/11/27 | Devanik Saha
India Drowning in Sea of Fake Money
Is India doing enough to detect fake notes, cited by the Prime Minister as a significant reason for withdrawing 86 percent of India’s currency, a process popularly known as demonetisation?
2016/11/22 | Ho-fung Hung
Trump Won't be Solely to Blame for Regression in China-U.S. Trade
China’s 'fat' SOEs already impede U.S.-China economic integration, argues Ho-fung Hung.
2016/11/21 | He Fan
Time to Wipe Out China's Army of Zombie Enterprises
For years, China's government and banks have backed unprofitable businesses for fear of mass unemployment. Now is the time to start feeling the pain before it becomes unbearable, argues He Fan.
2016/11/16 | Timothy Ferry
Living in a Virtualized World
AR and VR technologies are being lauded as the fourth wave of personal computing, but will scarce content and even scarcer components limit growth?
2016/10/14 | Chublic Opinion
'Frenzonomics' and China's Property Bubble
China's property boom: The prospect of a spectacular crash in the fashion of the stock market last year is scary. To many people a market that continues to rally looks more fearsome.
2016/10/14 | Edward White
Mixed Views on Thailand’s Outlook after King’s Death
What does the death of Thailand’s revered king mean for people who oppose the military junta that controls the country?
2016/09/12 | Mark Stocker
OP-ED: Does Taiwan Know What It Wants to be When It Grows Up?
'If we, as citizens of this nation do not actively support the value that is being created by companies and individuals here in Taiwan, we won’t realize a better future.'
2016/08/29 | Edward White
Nepal Mulls China’s Trans-Himalayan Rail Plans
‘We have to work in the middle of these extremes.’ What will China’s trans-Himalayan railway mean for Nepal?