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China’s Unloading of FX Reserves, Spillbacks, and Quantitative Tightening
Once a widely held and an extremely desirable asset in the global economy, American debt is no longer the most desirable thing in the world.
2017/04/20 | Christine Wong
Rumbling of Reform in China’s Fiscal Foundations
Significant progress is being made towards building the foundations of a fiscal system to undergird rule-based governance.
Here's How to Get the Taiwan Economy Back on Course
As Taiwan faces unprecedented economic challenges, it needs to take stock of its strengths and unique characteristics as it seeks the best path forward.
2017/04/14 | The Japan Times
Aung San Suu Kyi Marks Her First Year in Power
Aung San Suu Kyi's first year has not been easy as she continues to face a range of difficulties and admits that reforms have been slower than expected.
Is Tech Defining the Future of Taiwan-US Relations?
There are many opportunities for future Taiwan-U.S. collaboration, argues Matt Fulco.
2017/04/03 | Sam Roggeveen
China's Huge Industrial Ambitions
China's ambitions are clearly much bigger than current foreign investment suggests.
2017/03/31 | Dong Dong Zhang
Beneath the Surface of China’s Relentless Rise
Saving the CCP demanded a drastic revamping of the power structures of the party-state.
2017/03/24 | David Green
From Fiction to Reality: Universal Basic Income Gaining Traction in Asia
The idea is gathering global popularity after a landmark trial in India showed a basic income of as little as US$5 per month had a powerfully positive effect on health, community action and investment decisions in target communities.
2017/03/21 | FORTUNE
These Are China’s Most Valuable Brands
Brands catering to the rising middle class continue to expand while the old economy's decline has slowed the growth of some of China's biggest brands.
2017/02/28 | Kerry Brown
China and the UK: Unexpected Inspiration for How to Handle Brexit
China has never been seriously considered in the minds of the British political or business elite as anything except a marginal exotic sideshow until now.
2017/02/22 | The Japan Times
Local Consumption Still Key to Japan's Growth
What are the factors behind Japan's slow growth of personal consumption?
2017/02/18 | Theodore H. Moran
Weighing China’s Skyrocketing Investment in the United States
Chinese investment in the US has jumped threefold, driven by acquisitions.
2017/02/15 | Chris Horton
APEC: Taiwan’s Most Important International Forum
Given the current cross-Strait climate, Taiwan’s role in APEC is arguably more important than ever, writes Chris Horton.
2017/02/12 | Matthew Phan
Interwoven with Banks: Shadow Banking in China
Deposit rate liberalization in China was a big step forward but the country still has work to do in improving transparency, loss-bearing and risk pricing in the financial system.
China and 'Banking on Growth Models'
The key problem with China’s state capitalism is that it misallocates capital, is increasingly dysfunctional and is under-allocating credit to the private and household sectors.
2017/02/08 | Peter Wood
Chinese Acquisitions Undercut Taiwan, US Semiconductor Industry Edge
Taiwan’s position as a keystone of the global supply of semiconductors is strong, but rapidly eroding.