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2017/03/31 | Dong Dong Zhang
Beneath the Surface of China’s Relentless Rise
Saving the CCP demanded a drastic revamping of the power structures of the party-state.
2017/06/21 | Yuen Yuen Ang
Here's What China Can Teach Us About Poverty
Directed improvisation is a hybrid management model that combines top-down direction with bottom-up improvisation.
2016/10/14 | Edward White
Mixed Views on Thailand’s Outlook after King’s Death
What does the death of Thailand’s revered king mean for people who oppose the military junta that controls the country?
2017/04/14 | The Japan Times
Aung San Suu Kyi Marks Her First Year in Power
Aung San Suu Kyi's first year has not been easy as she continues to face a range of difficulties and admits that reforms have been slower than expected.
2017/02/18 | Theodore H. Moran
Weighing China’s Skyrocketing Investment in the United States
Chinese investment in the US has jumped threefold, driven by acquisitions.
2016/11/27 | Devanik Saha
India Drowning in Sea of Fake Money
Is India doing enough to detect fake notes, cited by the Prime Minister as a significant reason for withdrawing 86 percent of India’s currency, a process popularly known as demonetisation?
2017/04/20 | Christine Wong
Rumbling of Reform in China’s Fiscal Foundations
Significant progress is being made towards building the foundations of a fiscal system to undergird rule-based governance.
2017/02/28 | Kerry Brown
China and the UK: Unexpected Inspiration for How to Handle Brexit
China has never been seriously considered in the minds of the British political or business elite as anything except a marginal exotic sideshow until now.
2017/11/09 | Hal Hill
Despite Duterte’s Bluster, the Philippines Continues to Profit
The economy of the Philippines remains strong despite violence and unpredictability — it has not experienced a financial crisis since 2002. Can the markets continue to remain detached amid political upheaval?
2017/03/21 | FORTUNE
These Are China’s Most Valuable Brands
Brands catering to the rising middle class continue to expand while the old economy's decline has slowed the growth of some of China's biggest brands.
2016/08/10 | The Japan Times
OP-ED: Japan's Faltering Regional Revitalization
The Abe administration's regional revitalization policy has done little to close the growing gap in wealth and population between the large metropolitan areas and the rest of the nation.
2016/07/13 | Timothy Ferry
The Challenge of Preserving Biodiversity in Taiwan
Taiwan is home to a broad variety of species, some of them unique to the country. But development puts many at constant risk.
2017/07/25 | Yuan-Ming Chiao
Bleak Outlook: Millions of Rural Chinese Children 'Left Behind'
Experts fear the psychological and developmental consequences on migrant children who are growing up without their parents.
2017/05/20 | Stellina Chen
CARTOON: Tough Times Ahead for Tsai in Year Two
President Tsai and the DPP are struggling to shake poor approval ratings despite Taiwan’s strong economic performance.
2016/08/29 | Edward White
Nepal Mulls China’s Trans-Himalayan Rail Plans
‘We have to work in the middle of these extremes.’ What will China’s trans-Himalayan railway mean for Nepal?
2016/08/29 | Malaysiakini
Malaysians Worried About Economy and Security, Poll Shows
While Malaysians have great pride, a recent poll shows that some issues remain a source of apprehension.
2016/08/26 | Yuan-ling Liang
OPINION: Taiwanese Farmers Need Co-Ops, Not Brands or E-Tail
Despite the good intentions behind recent efforts by young people to help Taiwanese farmers market their products, the agricultural sector faces more fundamental challenges.
2016/07/22 | The Japan Times
Fixing China’s Troubled Economy
'There are worrying indications that the Chinese economy is either on the verge of falling or has already fallen into deflation.'