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2020/03/26 | East Asia Forum
China's Economic Growth Inextricable From the Rest of the World
Restoring China’s productive capacity in the coming weeks would require an unlikely revival of U.S. demand.
2017/10/23 | Duncan Green
BOOK REVIEW: 'How China Escaped the Poverty Trap' by Yuen Yuen Ang
In 'How China Escaped the Poverty Trap,' Yuen Yuen Ang turns conventional thinking on its head, exploding myths as to how developing nations can catapult themselves out of poverty.
2017/10/16 | Jayant Menon
Cambodia's Economic Growth Will Require Industry Shift
Cambodia's new status as lower middle-income country poses many challenges and opportunities ahead.
2017/01/04 | Yiping Huang
Economic Uncertainty Hangs Over China in 2017
Property development, infrastructure spending and manufacturing investment are the sources of much uncertainty about the future of China’s economic policy.
2015/08/13 | Yang
Over 80 Percent Taiwanese are Satisfied with Their Current Living Conditions
Many workers face problems such as low wages, long working hours, poor working conditions and so on, therefore the satisfaction rate of Ma's government reaching a peak seems odd.