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2017/08/28 | Zhang Hefei
China's E-Commerce Platforms Wage War
Online shopping sites are scrambling to turn the heads of pickier consumers in search of high-end commodities.
2017/08/09 | Kenrick Davis
China’s Latest Marketing Craze: Impoverished African Children
Short videos of African kids advertising Chinese goods and services raise ethical and legal concerns.
2017/06/21 | Chen Na
E-Commerce Giants Accused of Bullying Shops Into Cutting Prices
Liebo and LeTV say they were forced to offer exorbitant discounts for the June 18 shopping extravaganza.
2017/03/10 | Yu Xueyi
Why I Quit Alibaba’s Big Push Toward Countryside Commerce
Rural Taobao bills itself as good for business, but actually couldn’t care less about helping farmers make money.
2016/12/29 | Wang Lianzhang
E-Commerce Seller Sabotages Competition in China, Receives Jail Sentence
First prison conviction in China for an e-commerce merchant found guilty of deceptive sales tactics.
2016/12/19 | Wang Lianzhang
Companies, Investors Pouring into China’s Bike-Sharing Market
Forever, one of Shanghai’s oldest bicycle brands, is among the many companies to have entered the fray.