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2017/05/07 | Wang Chao
How Archeologists Became China’s Newest Diplomats
After years of isolation, the country’s scientists are heading abroad to dig up the past, while building future relationships.
2017/03/29 | Michael Reilly
Confucianism, Morality and Chinese Diplomacy
Without a moral underpinning to its actions, China will struggle to build influence where it most needs it.
2016/06/24 | Chang Shin-wei
Taiwan’s President Tsai Embarks On Her First Diplomatic Trip Abroad
Before attending a ceremony in Panama, Tsai will make a brief stopover in Miami for meetings with officials and baseball star Chen Wei-yin.
2017/03/14 | Vasabjit Banerjee
The New India-US Foreign Policy: Dual Audiences and Track II Diplomacy
Can India use existing foreign policy channels, including behind-the-scenes Track II diplomacy, to stabilize and enhance Indo-U.S. relations?
2017/01/14 | James Baron
Dark Shadows and New Hope: Taiwan and El Salvador
'Taiwan's questionable role in Salvadoran politics is not limited to this dark period of the country's modern history.'
2016/09/06 | Gary Rawnsley
Taiwan’s Trouble Talking to the World
Taiwan faces an uphill struggle in communicating with the world; it is essential that the appropriate bureaucratic structures are put in place to make facing that struggle a little easier.
2016/08/30 | Michael Reilly
Taiwan and the Catholic Church
Taiwan’s relationship with the Catholic church, while good, can hardly be described as strong.
2016/08/29 | The Japan Times
OPINION: Northeast Asia Tensions Rise amid Diplomatic Vacuum
Japan, China and South Korea need to realize that tensions over their differences rise in the absence of top-level diplomatic contacts.
2016/08/21 | Robert E Kelly
North Korea: A Realistic Path to Regime Change
North Korea cannot survive on its own; it has always required a foreign patron. This is a weakness that can be exploited.
2018/07/13 | East Asia Forum
ANALYSIS: Chinese Arms Sales Are Not a Diplomatic Weapon
China has not increased its arms exports to Belt and Road partners, nor has it penetrated markets traditionally reliant on Western suppliers.
2018/05/27 | David Green
Taiwan 'Outraged' as Burkina Faso Signs Communique with China
Taiwan vocalizes its frustration at China's ongoing efforts to throttle its international agency.
China's Taiwan Squeeze Continues: Trade Office in Ecuador Forced to Change Name
The name changes are widely seen as part of China's stepped-up efforts to pressure Taiwan since the administration of President Tsai Ing-wen took office.
2016/10/12 | The Japan Times
OPINION: UN Secretary-General Choice Disappointing for Women
The failure to follow through on the expectation that the next U.N. secretary-general would be a woman is a reminder of the flaws in that selection process and the glass ceiling that more than half the world's population continues to confront.
2016/09/02 | Mo Tz-pin
Mixed Reactions to Taiwan’s New Top China Negotiator
The Tsai administration has appointed a new head for the Straits Exchange Foundation in hopes for improving cross-Strait exchange.
2016/09/01 | TNL Staff
Ex Foreign Minister James Huang Heading for Singapore: Reports
The Tsai Ing-wen administration has yet to confirm the news of Huang's appointment.