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2020/08/26 | Bart Dashorst
Will the 'Detention' TV Adaptation Address Its Gender Problems?
The TV adaptation of 'Detention' is not just a sign of success, but an opportunity to address its troubling take on gender.
2019/11/21 | Daphne K. Lee
‘Detention’: A Clichéd Salute to Freedom
“Detention” is a bold attempt to explore a sensitive topic but fails to achieve much beyond scratching the surface with its clichéd plot and didactic screenplay.
2017/05/01 | Dylan Levi King
Black Cell: Life in a Chinese Detention Center
[Nonfiction] 'He said he’d go back to Kenya, where his cousin ran a school, work with him there. Sometimes he didn’t talk all day. Sometimes he talked all day. We dug deep to find stories we hadn’t yet told each other.'
2016/10/07 | Brian Hioe
OP-ED: Joshua Wong's Detention in Thailand May Not Be The Last of Its Kind
Countries like Thailand which already share with China a record of poor human rights and are ruled by authoritarian governments are probably more likely to cooperate with China on extraterritorial detentions because such regimes have less to lose from international condemnation.