2020/05/18 | Voice of America

For Many Cambodians, Debt Repayment Bigger Threat Than Covid-19

Covid-19 has exposed the vulnerabilities of Cambodia's microfinance system. Millions are at risk of losing land and homes put up as collateral.

2017/10/27 | Peiyuan Lan

China's Double-edged Debt Conundrum

China certainly has debt problems, but regulatory crackdowns and signs of health among China's largest companies should give doomsayers pause for thought.

2017/08/14 | Tristan Kenderdine

China’s Fevered Property Market Exporting Risk to Asia

Global risk merchants are starting to fret over Chinese local governance — a matter that was conveniently ignored throughout the growth boom of the past two decades.

2017/07/31 | Yiping Huang, Yan Shen and Quizi Fu

The Structural Shifts at Play in Xi's Macroeconomic Balancing Act in China

The debate about China’s growth slowdown since 2010 continues to rage. Some think that the drop in China’s growth rate is cyclical. Others believe that trend growth has shifted down a gear.

2017/04/22 | Miriam L. Campanella

China’s Unloading of FX Reserves, Spillbacks, and Quantitative Tightening

Once a widely held and an extremely desirable asset in the global economy, American debt is no longer the most desirable thing in the world.

2017/04/15 | Kongkea Chhoeun

The US–Cambodia Debt Stand-Off

The Cambodian government has once again called on the United States to cancel its US$500 million debt. However, it is unlikely under the Trump administration.

2017/03/21 | Veasna Var and Sovinda Po

Cambodia, Sri Lanka and the China Debt Trap

Cambodia must be aware that China’s influence in the country will grow as the loans increase.

2016/11/30 | Atif Ansar and Bent Flyvbjerg

China’s Great Wall of Debt

As China's carousel of credit goes around, observers may interpret the system to be one happy affair. Until the wheels come off.

2016/11/21 | He Fan

Time to Wipe Out China's Army of Zombie Enterprises

For years, China's government and banks have backed unprofitable businesses for fear of mass unemployment. Now is the time to start feeling the pain before it becomes unbearable, argues He Fan.