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2018/11/02 | The Interpreter
SINGAPORE: 1 Week, 6 Executions, No Political Will for Change
On Oct. 26, Singapore executed Malaysian citizen Prabu N. Pathmanathan despite protests from the Malaysian government.
2017/11/10 | Edward White
UPDATE: Waking from a Nightmare, 16 Years on Death Row in Taiwan
As a Taiwanese man wrongly held for murder readjusts to society, he has been awarded a record settlement by the courts.
2017/06/08 | ZiQing Low
Chinese Law Blog Claims Death Penalty Reform Success
Even international human rights NGOs have had to admit to the decline in the number of people sentenced to death in China, according to the blog.
2017/05/12 | TNL Staff
Life Sentence, Not Death Penalty, for ‘Random Killing’ in Taiwan
Today's decision is significant for Taiwan where human rights groups believe defendants with mental health issues have been executed because of serious flaws in the court system.
2017/05/02 | ZiQing Low
Supervising an Execution in China
A prosecutor offers a look into executions carried out in China.
2017/04/11 | TNL Staff
INFOGRAPHIC: China the World’s Top Executor in 2016
The number of death sentences and executions in China each year are both in the thousands.
2016/12/30 | Michael Beltran
Shout-out to the Philippines: Make 2017 'The Year of the Boomerang’
'Just the other day I received my first death threat from a loyalist of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos.' When the police come knocking at the doors of the people in 2017, the response might not be as friendly as those in power hope. We should be scared for 2017, but also up for the fight.
2016/11/21 | Edward White
Questions over Execution and Mishandled Cremation in Singapore
Reeling from what they believe was the mishandled execution and cremation of a convicted drug trafficker last week, Singaporean lawyers are now preparing themselves to fight the next round of executions.
2016/11/17 | Edward White
BREAKING: Singapore Court Denies Last Minute Bid to Stop Execution
Eleventh-hour bid to stay the execution of a Nigerian man in Singapore has been dismissed by the court.
2016/10/16 | The Japan Times
OPINION: Questioning Capital Punishment in Japan
The time has come for truly meaningful discussions on whether Japan should keep executing prisoners.
2016/10/06 | Mo Tz-pin
Film Festival Highlights Debate over Death Penalty in Taiwan
A group opposed to capital punishment hopes to raise awareness on the controversial issue through films and after-screening discussions.