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2018/08/15 | Suzanne Pepper
HONG KONG: Independence Activist Andy Chan Defies Beijing with Press Club Talk
Beijing has blasted the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents' Club for allowing activist Andy Chan to speak but its advocates' reasoning casts a more worrying chill.
2016/12/20 | Brian Hioe
No End in Sight for China's Political Purges in Hong Kong?
There is really no going back for Beijing now that it has decided to fundamentally overturn Hong Kong’s system of government.
2016/12/16 | Suzanne Pepper
An Election Without A Cause: CY Leung Stands Down
Will the candidates try to convince Beijing of the need to re-think its one-size-fits-all 'mainland' political mindset in dealing with Hong Kong?
2016/12/14 | Vivienne Chow
Christmas Comes Early in Hong Kong
The departure of Hong Kong's CY Leung has been welcomed. But perhaps Hongkongers should delay the champagne, writes Vivienne Chow.