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2017/04/12 | ZiQing Low

Is Eating Dog Meat Really on the Way Out in Asia?

Taiwan's dog meat ban has been welcomed but China’s largest 'dog meat festival' is set to enter its eighth year, and Indonesia sees an increase in dog meat consumption.

2016/12/20 | Haiming Liu

Who Owns Culture? The Case of P.F. Chang’s Chinese Restaurants

'When taken and used as a commodity, food is no longer an inherited culture.'

2017/02/27 | Sarah Karacs

Can Cantopop Make a Comeback?

'Cantopop culture is a very important part of Hong Kong identity. Over the past few years the so-called 'local conscious' has risen, but Cantopop has been in decline.'

2017/07/07 | Nuala Gathercole Lam

Foreigners in China Should Check Their Privilege

Why are Chinese hesitant to police foreigners’ bad behavior when they’re so quick to condemn their own?