2018/04/02 | James X. Morris

UPDATE: Protests Delay Xindian Cemetery Demolition

Protests helped push a decision on the demolition of greater Taipei's last flatland cemetery to a public meeting.

2018/03/06 | James X. Morris

UPDATE: New Artifacts Found in Condemned Xindian Cemetery

Xindian First Public Cemetery is the last flat-land cemetery left in the Taipei basin, but is in the process of being demolished.

2017/09/20 | Zhang Jizhou

Why Chinese Internet is in Uproar over a Leaky Old Temple

News of a dilapidated Tang-era holy site sheds light on the country’s complex relationship with its cultural heritage.

2017/08/05 | Helen Rees

Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection in China

At the turn of the 21st century, UNESCO launched a prestigious initiative "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity."Suddenly, China was visibly on board.

2015/09/01 | Zou Chi

Only Sulfuric Fire Fishing Technique in the World Registered as Cultural Asset in Taiwan

Sulfuric fire fishing was one of the eight must-see attractions in Jinshan in the past. The magnificent scene is now an important national treasure in the hundreds of years of the fishing industry in Taiwan.