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Danish Entrepreneurs Reshape Coffee Roasting and Rigid Work Culture
Ailio, a Taiwanese startup founded by a pair of Danish twin brothers, developed a sustainable coffee roasting technology with an appreciation of the Danish lifestyle.
2018/04/12 | TIME
New Addiction: Coffee Taking Over in the Heartlands of Chinese Tea Production
Coffee production is on the rise in China's traditional capital of tea.
2017/06/23 | TNL 編輯
Taipei's Five Best Cafes
Good Eye Taipei’s recommendations for cafes to check out in Taipei.
2017/04/10 | Saigoneer
Hẻm Gems: A Cuppa in Saigon's Oldest Cafe
Not all Saigon traditions age well, but it only takes one cup of Cheo Leo coffee to understand the appeal.
2017/03/27 | Saigoneer
Coffee Production in Vietnam Faces Dark Future Under Climate Change
Rising temperatures and shifting rainfall patterns may cost Vietnam 50 percent of its current Robusta coffee production areas by 2050.
2016/11/12 | Kathy Cheng
The Five Least Business-Friendly Practices in Taiwan
If Taiwanese businesses want consumers’ respect, they need to earn it. Playing it cheap and chanting 'cha bu duo' has never worked, and it never will.
2016/08/03 | Kathy Cheng
First 'Parenting Cafe' in Taipei Aims to be Different and Disruptive
The parenting industry in Taiwan has been slowly evolving in the past few years and this cafe wants to make a positive impact on the industry and society.
2016/06/28 | Olivia Yang
Brewing A Title: Taiwan Barista Crowned World Champion
What's the key to brewing a world-class cup of coffee? One Taiwanese holds it.
2015/07/21 | Zou Chi
Tea Vendors Need to Label Drinks Starting in Late July
Some vendors criticize that sources of the foods aren't equal to inspection results of the products. Other coffee retailers also point out the new policy does not apply to drinks served in breakfast chains, and the law will lose its significance if it only regulates certain stores.