2021/12/08 | East Asia Forum

Coal Versus Money in Asia

China’s announcement that it will no longer support foreign coal-fired power plants will have little impact.

2017/12/26 | Peter Wood

China Is About to Get Hit with a Winter Energy Crisis

The attempts to transition from coal to gas appears to have failed and are the root cause of the current gas shortfall.

2017/10/23 | Sally Tyler

End to 'War on Coal' Puts Asia's Renewable Future at Risk

New Trump administration moves to bolster coal-fired electricity production echo recent moves to embrace the polluting fossil fuel in Southeast Asia, and threaten both renewable energy goals and greenhouse gas emission targets of the Paris climate change accord.

2017/03/04 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: China 'Dancing to the Tune' of the US?

Is Beijing trying to curry favor with the Trump administration by suspending coal import from its communist ally?

2017/01/20 | Joanna Mills

Coal, Development and Death in Asia

A new report from Greenpeace and Harvard says Chinese-financed coal projects in Asia could lead to 70,000 premature deaths a year.

2016/12/13 | Stam Lee

PHOTO STORY: Mined-Out Cities, the True Cost of Coal in China

Chinese cities that were once rich from mining are now facing the gruesome aftermath from the depletion of their 'black gold.'

2016/10/07 | ZiQing Low

Taiwan Factory Protest Turns Violent, 60 Injured

Thousands of employees at Formosa Chemicals and Fiber Corp and their families gathered outside the Changhua County Government offices requesting it reissue operating permits for the Formosa Chemicals factory.

2016/07/23 | Fergus Green

China’s Coal Cuts Continue Amid Boom in Redundant Coal-Fired Power Stations

Coal consumption is falling, and that’s good news from a climate-change perspective. But the fact that China is on track to spend US$160 billion on redundant coal-fired power stations purely to boost short-term GDP growth highlights some deeper problems in the Chinese political economy.

2015/12/16 | Shih Yuan

Nobel Prize Laurate Suggests Taiwan to Levy Carbon Tax and Eliminate Nuclear Power

Lee Yuan-tseh says that Taiwan hasn't done much for carbon reduction, and levying carbon tax would be a feasible method. He believes in five years, the cost of solar power will be cheaper than coal or nuclear power.