2018/10/04 | Chang Yu-shan

OPINION: Malaysia Must Quantify & Eliminate Its Child Marriage Problem

To end child marriage in Malaysia, the government must insist on compiling accurate statistics, then share the responsibility of eliminating the problem.

2017/08/02 | Marisna Yulianti

Rohaya-Selamet Marriage Isn't Funny, but Disturbing and Unlawful

'If we continue misusing it for the sake of justifying child marriage or abusive polygamous relationship, then the joke is on us.'

2016/02/22 | TNL 編輯

Child Marriage Continues To Endanger Millions of Children

Despite widespread condemnation of child marriage, the practice persists around the world and about 37 thousand children are victims each day. Activists around the world are now finding different ways to tackle this pressing issue.