卡通為英語Cartoon的音譯,是指圖畫,包含各種非寫實風格以及超脫現實的圖畫藝術,或是故事連環畫和四幅一組的漫畫。 --來自 維基百科


2021/01/26 | Global Voices

Chinese-Australian Cartoonist Badiucao Walks a Fine Line To Avoid Being Politically Hijacked

Chinese dissident cartoonist Badiucao finds it increasingly difficult to make his voice heard in Australia.

2017/09/13 | TNL Staff

CARTOON: Reactions to Taiwanese Activist Lee Ming-che's 'Sham Trial'

What Taiwan, China and the international community are saying about the trial that took place on Sept. 11.

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CARTOON: Will Taiwan Lose US Trade over North Korea?

Taiwan may risk losing its third largest export partner, the US, and $33.6 billion worth of foreign trade over North Korea.

2016/11/23 | Disillusionist

CARTOON: Keep It Up, CY, and the Job is Yours

A different take on the recent moves made by Hong Kong's leader.

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CARTOON: The Real Horrors of a Trump Presidency

A different take on U.S. President-elect Donlad J. Trump.