比特幣(英語:Bitcoin,縮寫:BTC 或 XBT)是一種基於去中心化,採用點對點網路與共識主動性,開放原始碼,以區塊鏈作為底層技術的加密貨幣,比特幣由中本聰(網名)(Satoshi Nakamoto)於2008年10月31日發表論文,2009年1月3日,創世區塊誕生。 --來自 維基百科


2018/11/05 |

China's Bitcoin Mining Supremacy Is Scaring US Companies & Regulators

The Trump administration is using trade war tariffs to go after manufacturers of Chinese crypto mining equipment.

2018/07/24 | David Green

Q&A: Human Rights Foundation's Gladstein on Bitcoin Versus Authoritarianism

If there is one thing able to stop the Chinese panopticon, it might just be Bitcoin.

2018/05/23 | David Green

Legislators Get On Board Taiwan’s Blockchain Bid 

Block Guardian is a bi-weekly column from The News Lens and Blockcamp offering news and insight on crypto and token economics from Taiwan.

2017/12/01 | David Green

OwlTing Leads Taiwan's Blockchain Awakening

As Nasdaq cheers Taipei-based OwlTing, Taiwan is on the cusp of allowing its dynamic blockchain innovators to make significant global impact.

2017/10/06 | David Green

UPDATE: Taiwan Must Be Brave on Cryptocurrency Stance

Taiwan should be brave and embrace crypto development, despite the risks.

2017/08/22 | PETER YEOH

In the Brave New World of Bitcoin and Blockchain International Collaboration is Needed

Despite the hazy history and criminal controversies, policymakers in Japan and around the world are starting to realise the potential of digital currency technologies, Peter Yeoh writes.

2017/07/27 | David Green

A Cryptocurrency Implosion in Taiwan

David Green dissects the anatomy of a new cryptocurrency unraveling in Taiwan, leaving investors stranded without their cash.

2017/04/26 | Niels Vandezande

Japan's Bitcoin Takeover: Virtual Currency Rules are Zen for Yen

Japan’s new legislation defining and recognizing virtual currencies not only offers a sound model for others – it’s already paying dividends in a rapidly growing fiscal frontier, writes Niels Vandezande.