2020/02/26 | Jeremy Van der Haegen

Taiwan’s Craft Beer Industry in Search of a Local Identity

Taiwan's burgeoning craft beer scene has come a long way since independent brewing was legalized in 2002. However, the breweries have wildly different ideas about using local ingredients and what makes a Taiwanese craft beer Taiwanese.

2017/07/25 | Colum Murphy

Success a Tall Order for World’s Highest Craft Beer Brewery in Tibet

Entrepreneurs vow to make the quality brew in the Tibetan grasslands despite thin air, logistical challenges, and local aversion to alcohol.

2017/03/20 | FORTUNE

China’s New Craft-Beer Bully

The global giant that owns Budweiser wants to dominate the craft-beer market in China.

2017/02/04 | Luke Corbin

Brewing Anew in Burma

Myanmar has opened its first craft beer brewery. Luke Corbin gives us a taste of what the future may hold for a growing industry.

2017/01/11 | Timothy Ferry

Craft Beer in Taiwan: A Passion, Not a Fashion

The number of breweries, and pubs offering their products, has been growing rapidly.

2015/07/21 | 關鍵評論網 ASEAN:緬甸商情

European Breweries Grabbing Market Shares in Myanmar

When sales decrease in Europe, the continent's largest wineries turn to seek opportunities elsewhere in the world.