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2018/02/26 | Richard McGregor
Is Xi Following in Mao's Footsteps?
With the removal of presidential term limits, Chinese politics may be going back to the era of strongman rule.
2018/02/18 | Sam Swash
REVIEW: 'The Authoritarian Public Sphere' Ponders the Resilience of Dictatorships
In this book, Alexander Dukalskis offers insight into the efforts of three of Asia’s longest standing authoritarian regimes to legitimize and maintain their rule.
2018/02/06 | Simon Chadwick
Can China Learn to Dominate the Winter Olympics?
China is already preparing for the 2022 Beijing Olympics, but first the country must learn to ski.
2017/02/11 | Hera Diani
Islamic Populism Won’t Reign in Indonesia: Scholar
Failure to create a cross-class alliance is why Islamic populism may fail in Indonesia.
2017/02/01 | Keith Menconi
FEATURE: Vietnamese turn to Podcast to Break Mainstream Narrative
Meet the citizen journalists reshaping how the world and Vietnamese themselves see Vietnam.
2016/10/08 | Dinah Gardner
BOOK REVIEW: The People’s Republic of Control
A review of Stein Ringen’s ‘The Perfect Dictatorship: China in the 21st Century’
2016/08/18 | J. Michael Cole
INTERVIEW: A Conversation With NED President Carl Gershman
‘Accountability means elections, an independent media that can watch over, a judiciary, and an active, mobilized civil society, which is what you had with the Sunflower Movement. That’s the price of democracy. That’s what makes democracy work.’