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2018/05/04 | Atlas Obscura
Inside Indonesia's Visionary Chicken Church
A peek inside Java's Gereja Ayam, a devoted man's enduring contribution to folk architecture.
2017/08/31 | Gu Cun
Reviving China’s Love for Its Ancient Buildings
In the early 1930s, Liang Sicheng’s now-legendary survey of a centuries-old temple inspired a generation of his peers.
2017/08/24 | Saigoneer
Virtual Life Transforming Saigon's Public Spaces
The tension between open spaces and private, walled-off zones is brought to attention as Saigon continues to rapidly grow and develop.
2017/08/22 | Rosemary Chen
Archiparti, Hong Kong Startup for Architects  
It may seem obvious that the job of an architect is to design, but in reality, many spend most of their time processing paperwork and communicating with clients. A Hong Kong startup is tackling the problem.
2017/07/04 | Gu Cun
The Ivy League Architects Who Revitalized Design in China
During their studies at Penn and Harvard, Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin acquired the knowledge that paved the way for China’s first Pritzker Architecture Prize.
Aspiring Architect Minecrafts Virtual Forbidden City
Guangzhou native hopes his two-year labor of love will nurture interest in traditional Chinese architecture.
2016/11/20 | Dr. Chris Brisbin
The Cultural Functioning of Chinese Architectural ‘Knock-off’ Practices
China's reputation as the 'knock-off' nation has been taken to new heights.