2016/09/12 | Olivia Yang

Chinese College Poisons Stray Dogs; No Law to Protect Them

A college in China has reportedly sent security guards to poison stray dogs at a nearby shelter, once again sparking discussions about the country's lack of animal protection laws.

2016/08/22 | Austin Chad Willhoft

First Political Party Dedicated to Animal Protection Founded in Taiwan

The Taiwan Animal Protection Party is striving to raise more public awareness of animal rights through politics.

2016/08/11 | ZiQing Low

College Student Tortures and Kills Second Cat in Taiwan

The exchange student from Macau is also suspected of killing three other cats.

2016/08/08 | Olivia Yang

Taiwanese Vet Dedicated to Promoting Trap, Neuter, Release

'I got into this line of work because I didn’t want to see the animals suffer, but what has motivated us to keep working is the fact that we have seen the influence and progress of our work.'

2016/07/05 | Olivia Yang

Lanyu Locals Unknowingly Prep Endangered Fish

Some residents of Taiwan's Lanyu were caught preparing to cook an endangered fish. But are they to blame?