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2018/03/05 | Jennifer Creery
No Country for Men: Meet the Feminist Farmers Championing Gender and Biodiversity
The ecofeminist community 'Land Dyke' gives hope to female farmers striving in a profession dominated by men.
2017/11/28 | Shuriah Niazi
Pesticide Deaths Sweep Indian Villages as Small Farmers Beat Back Bugs
Debt-ridden and inadequately trained farmers are dying as a result of using toxic pesticides to combat increasingly aggressive crop pests.
2017/10/14 | TNL 編輯
Six Shops in Taipei for Islandwide Ingredients
Produce and tastes nurtured by Taiwan in the latest from 'Good Eye Taipei.'
2017/07/18 | Shannon Lin
PHOTO STORY: Sustainable Grain Cropping and 'Adopting' a Paddy Field on Taiwan's Northeast Coast
A new venture between local farmers and an agricultural company are letting people experience the life of a rice farmer in Yilan county.
2017/03/27 | Saigoneer
Coffee Production in Vietnam Faces Dark Future Under Climate Change
Rising temperatures and shifting rainfall patterns may cost Vietnam 50 percent of its current Robusta coffee production areas by 2050.
2017/02/20 | The Japan Times
Tokyo Olympics Pose Challenge for Japanese Farmers
Time is running out for Japanese farmers to obtain the Global GAP certificate in order to serve their products at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.
2017/02/03 | Li Xueqing
Drones Lure Young Chinese Back to Farming
As agriculture grows more high-tech, an entrepreneurial spirit draws the children of Xinjiang’s farmers back to their childhood homes.
2016/09/07 | Trista di Genova
Pingtung Beckons for Tourism and Fruit
Taiwan’s southernmost county is famous for its beaches and deserves more attention as the country’s 'fruit basket.'
2016/08/26 | Yuan-ling Liang
OPINION: Taiwanese Farmers Need Co-Ops, Not Brands or E-Tail
Despite the good intentions behind recent efforts by young people to help Taiwanese farmers market their products, the agricultural sector faces more fundamental challenges.
2016/01/20 | Yang
Taiwan Researchers Prove Slightest Amount of Pesticide Harms Bees
Human lives relate closely to bees, and over a third of our crops rely on bee pollination to survive. But in recent years, many parts of the world have seen a large number of bees disappear from the ecosystem.