2020/10/14 | Deutsche Welle

South Korea's Abortion Law Revision Plan Sparks Controversy

Conservatives and religious groups are facing off with women's rights organizations in a fierce debate over changes to a 1953 law that makes abortion illegal.

2016/12/20 | Sanjukta Nair

In India, as Income Rises, Fewer Girls are Born

India’s child sex ratio, or the number of girls below six per 1,000 boys, too has declined over the years.

2016/11/12 | Charu Bahri

Why 10 Million Indian Women Secretly Undergo Abortions Every Year

Millions of women become pregnant because they lack access to contraceptive devices, are fearful of using them, or, are ignorant about their use.

2015/08/10 | Zou Chi

Taiwan's Poor Concepts of Birth Control Has Led to 500,000 Abortions Annually

Taiwan has about 200,000 newborns each year, but 400,000 people are taking birth control pills (RU486), which means only one-third of pregnancies happen willingly and two-thirds choose to have an abortion.