YouBike微笑單車(通稱YouBike,常被誤稱為UBike)為臺灣自行車製造商捷安特建置與營運的公共自行車租賃系統,其電子與雲端的部分則由微程式資訊負責設計,起初由捷安特公司YouBike事業部負責,2015年8月6日後直接將YouBike事業部分割出來新成立「微笑單車股份有限公司」專門負責設計建置與營運。 --來自 維基百科


2019/12/16 | Daphne K. Lee

New YouBike Registration Policy Creates Hurdles for Foreigners in Taipei

A new regulation prompting YouBike to require personal information for membership registration excludes foreign residents from being insured at the moment.

2017/08/03 | Matthew Lubin

OPINION: It’s Not oBike, It’s You

It is not only the government’s responsibility to correct residents’ behavior. It is incumbent upon all residents to take on the matter, writes Matthew Lubin.

2017/03/07 | TNL Staff

INFOGRAPHIC: How Many Calories Can You Burn By Cycling in Taipei?

Check out how many calories you can lose with cycling around Taipei.

2016/08/31 | Olivia Yang

YouBikes Out of Service for One Day

The bike-sharing service is down after system errors in the Taichung area.