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2020/06/08 | Timothy S. Rich
Survey: South Koreans Oppose a More Open Refugee Policy
A study of South Korean attitudes towards refugees shows general opposition to a more open approach. Welcoming non-Korean and Muslim refugees receives lower support than welcoming North Korean refugees.
2017/06/07 | Chen Shanshan
Middle Eastern Migrants Live the Chinese Dream
Although China doesn’t have laws recognizing refugees, savvy businesspeople from Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Libya have found a new home in Yiwu.
2016/12/21 | Hesham Shafick
Book Review: 'Unfinished Revolutions: Yemen, Libya and Tunisia After the Arab Spring'
While Hesham Shafick questions the limitations of the book’s overarching emphasis on western-centric conflict resolution literature, this is nonetheless a seminal reference text for students looking at the aftermath of the Arab Spring.
2016/10/25 | The Japan Times
Heading for All-Out War in Yemen
Reinvigorated diplomacy that will culminate in a power-sharing agreement is needed to halt Yemen's slide to civil war and avert a humanitarian catastrophe.