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India's Calculated Boycott of China's Belt and Road Forum
India is uneasy about Chinese designs for the region and how this challenges India’s own ‘neighborhood first’ approach.
2017/04/08 | TNL Staff
No Taiwan Mention After Trump-Xi Summit as Focus Turns to Syria
Ahead of the talks, while most Taiwan experts anticipated a benign outcome for Taiwan from the summit, few, given the Trump administration’s unpredictability, were willing to fully rule out the possibility of an unexpected statement or announcement.
2017/04/04 | David Dollar
How will Trump and Xi Approach Trade Issues?
The United States does not have much leverage to push China to open up.
2017/04/04 | Zha Daojiong
How Can Xi Get Along with Trump?
For the two countries then — and the wider Asia Pacific region — an un-eventful meet-up is going to be a successful one.
2017/02/27 | Dong Dong Zhang
How will Xi Shake Up the CCP?
The scale of change in the CCP leadership and its importance can’t be overstated.
2016/12/12 | David Prentice
OPINION: 'One China' Dead Before Trump-Tsai Call
Beijing doesn’t see the irony in the fact that when Xi met Ma in Singapore last year, the Chinese president was practically accepting that “one China” as a common goal was as good as dead.
2016/10/29 | Steve Hess
Xi, the CCP and Dynamic Authoritarian Resilience
Making sense of Xi's growing assertiveness and consolidation of power.
2016/10/21 | ZiQing Low
World Responds to Xi-Duterte Meeting
Experts and academics weigh in as Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ends his China visit with a series of surprising announcements, including a 'separation from the U.S.'
2016/07/14 | Thomas Kellogg
China and the End of Reform
BOOK REVIEW: ‘China’s Future,’ By David Shambaugh
2016/07/07 | ZiQing Low
Netizens Unimpressed as Ma Meddles in Cross-Strait Affairs
Former president Ma riled Taiwanese netizens today after saying that Taiwan and China should share historical records on the Second Sino-Japanese War.