World War II

第二次世界大戰(英語:World War II,簡稱WWII或WW2;法語:Seconde Guerre mondiale;德語:Zweiter Weltkrieg;俄語:Вторая мировая война;日語:第二次世界大戦(だいにじせかいたいせん)),簡稱二戰;是一次在1939年至1945年所爆發的全球軍事衝突,整場戰爭涉及到全球絕大多數的國家,包括所有的大國,並最終分成兩個彼此對立的軍事同盟─同盟國和軸心國。 --來自 維基百科


2021/01/27 | Deutsche Welle

Japan’s Hemp Business Wants To Distance Itself From Image of Narcotics

For centuries, hemp was grown across Japan and used in cuisine, clothing, and traditional rites. It suffered an image problem during the post-war years and has not fully recovered.

2018/10/25 | 新公民議會

OPINION: 1 Thing The ROC Flag Represents for All of Us

Should we respect the history of the ROC flag, or should we discard it and move on? Whatever your view, the debate over its existence reflects the strength of Taiwanese democracy.

2017/07/06 | Gary Wilson

Book Review: A New History of the Holocaust

Drawing on 25 years of research, 'The Holocaust: A New History' offers a new major treatment of the Holocaust that traces events in their entirety from their origins to their horrifying conclusions. Gary Wilson praises Laurence Rees for this eminently readable account, which offers definitive insight into this appalling history.

2017/03/26 | Jessica Levine

War, Detention, Revolution: Foreigner Recounts Shanghai History

Fifty-year Shanghai resident Betty Barr on living in a World War II internment camp and publishing her mother’s diary from the era.

2017/02/27 | Mong Palatino

Why Singapore Changed the Name of the New World War II Exhibition

Many felt the name was an insult to thousands who suffered during the Japanese occupation.

2016/12/08 | The Japan Times

Abe’s Tribute at Pearl Harbor

The sensitivities that surround a Japanese prime minister’s visit to Pearl Harbor — and a U.S. president’s visit to Hiroshima — remind us that reconciliation over the war is still an issue between Japan and the U.S.