World Uyghur Congress

世界維吾爾代表大會(維吾爾語:دۇنيا ئۇيغۇر قۇرۇلتىيى‎,拉丁維文:Dunya Uyghur Qurultiyi;縮寫:DUQ),簡稱世維大會或世維會,起於2004年4月16日至19日於德國慕尼黑市召開之維吾爾族相關團體代表大會,由東突厥斯坦民族大會與世界維吾爾青年代表大會共同召集各相關之東突厥斯坦組織而籌建的統一領導機構組織。 --來自 維基百科


2019/02/14 | William Yang

#MeTooUyghur: The Mystery of a Uyghur Musician Triggers an Online Campaign

While the international community debates the authenticity of a video of Uyghur musician Abdurehim Heyit, an exiled Uyghur in Finland kicks off a new online campaign demanding Beijing to release more evidence of the millions of others who are reportedly detained in Xinjiang’s re-education camps.

2017/05/09 | ZiQing Low

Syria Aims to Win Chinese Support with Exaggerated Numbers of Uighur ISIS Fighters

Previous reports suggest about 100 Uighurs are involved in ISIS, but it is hard to verify these numbers due to strict information control in the Xinjiang.