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2018/07/30 | Chinadialogue
ANALYSIS: Belt, Road, and Grid? China's Risky Global Power Play
China is kick-starting an audacious plan for a global energy 'supergrid' as part of its Belt and Road portfolio.
2017/10/16 | Jayant Menon
Cambodia's Economic Growth Will Require Industry Shift
Cambodia's new status as lower middle-income country poses many challenges and opportunities ahead.
Why the UN is Abandoning Democracy in Asia
The 2017 edition of the Economic and Social Survey — ESCAP’s flagship publication — contains a chapter analyzing how governance affects development, and it is here that ESCAP parts ways with democracy.
2016/10/09 | Mike Callaghan
Specter of Protectionism Looms over IMF-World Bank Meetings
Ministers attending the IMF/World Bank meetings may not be able to influence the views of Trump and his supporters, but they could share a common resolve to avoid the spread of 'economic malpractice.'