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2018/11/02 | Mongabay

China Criticized for Legalizing Use of Tiger Bone & Rhino Horn in Medicine

The decision reverses a 25-year ban on using the products. Conservationists say it could provide cover for illegal activities and threaten endangered animals.

2018/10/24 | Mongabay

China's Ivory Ban Pushes Illegal Trade to Neighboring Countries, Study Shows

New research shows the ban has shut down the formerly legal ivory market. But the illegal ivory trade is still alive and kicking.

2017/02/21 | Ramesh Bhushal

New Threats Emerge as Rhino Numbers Recover

Rhino numbers have slowly recovered after stringent steps against hunting and poaching, but climate change and invasive species offer new threats.

2016/07/15 | ZiQing Low

WWF Launches ‘Stop Buying Ivory’ Campaign in China

A new campaign seeks to change consumer behavior and push the Chinese government to implement an ivory sales ban within the next two years.  

2016/06/28 | Shuhei Omi

Hong Kong Proposes Ban on Ivory Trade by 2021

A new bad in Hong Kong on the ivory trade could be implemented within five years, but many are asking why that could not come sooner.