世界貿易組織(簡稱世貿組織或世貿;英語:World Trade Organization,縮寫為 WTO;法語:Organisation Mondiale du Commerce,縮寫為 OMC;西班牙語:Organización Mundial del Comercio,縮寫為 OMC)是負責監督成員經濟體之間的各種貿易協議得到執行的國際組織,隸屬聯合國系統,前身是1948年起實施的關稅及貿易總協定的秘書處。 --來自 維基百科


2021/09/24 | The Interpreter

Can the China Model Be Accommodated in the CPTPP?

A rules-based trading system is the bare minimum that Beijing must agree to if it wants to talk accession, analysts argue.

2020/09/17 | Voice of America

US Officials, Lawmakers Blast WTO Ruling on US Tariffs on China

The World Trade Organization ruled that some punitive measures introduced by the Trump administration against China broke international trading rules.

2017/05/13 | Yao Han

Book Review: How Emerging Powers Disrupted the Neoliberal Project by Kristen Hopewell

In 'Breaking the WTO: How Emerging Powers Disrupted the Neoliberal Project,' Kristen Hopewell argues that the active pursuit of their own interests by emerging powers leads neo-liberalism into stalemate. Using the World Trade Organisation (WTO) as an example, the book not only illustrates a power shift, but also that the demands of emerging powers embracing the existing rules make consensus harder to reach. Yao Han appreciates the bold and innovative interpretations of the power interactions behind the WTO offered by this work.