Vivian Hsu

徐若瑄(泰雅語:Bidai Syulan,英語:Vivian Hsu,日語:ビビアン・スー,韓語:비비안 수,1975年3月19日-),中華民國台中縣豐原市(今台中市豐原區)出生,亞太地區知名女歌手、女演員、歌詞創作人、單曲製作人、電影監製。 --來自 維基百科


2022/09/15 | CJ Sheu

‘Mama Boy’ Is an Excellent Film With the Wrong Tone

A talented cast with an intriguing story of a sex worker and her client is undermined by a rmismatched tone of romantic fantasy.

2017/01/10 | ZiQing Low

China Continues Persecution of Taiwan, HK Artists

Many believe this confirms the existence of China’s blacklist of 55 artists.