越南社會主義共和國(越南語:Cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam/共和社會主義越南 聆聽),通稱越南(越南語:Việt Nam/越南),是位於東南亞的中南半島東端的社會主義國家,北鄰中國,西接柬埔寨和寮國,擁有超過9,600萬人口,位居世界第15名。 --來自 維基百科


2017/03/16 | Mong Palatino

Vietnam's 'Prison Within a Prison Within a Prison'

Exiled dissident Dang Xuan Dieu recounts the horror of his imprisonment in Vietnam to Mong Palatino.

2017/02/14 | Hunter Marston

Lifting the Shadows on a Secret War

BOOK REVIEW: Joshua Kurlantzick's 'A Great Place to Have a War: America in Laos and the Birth of a Military CIA' (New York, New York: Simon & Schuster, 2017), reviewed by Hunter Marston.

2017/02/01 | Keith Menconi

FEATURE: Vietnamese turn to Podcast to Break Mainstream Narrative

Meet the citizen journalists reshaping how the world and Vietnamese themselves see Vietnam.

2017/01/23 | Kyodo News

Daughter of Refugee Strives to Build Japanese School in Vietnam

‘My dream is to do something that would serve as a bridge between Japan and Vietnam,’ says Doan Thy Trang.

2016/12/16 | Jeffrey Hutton

The iPhone or the App: Why Indonesia Risks Being Nudged out of the Tech Game

It’s not the iPhones Indonesia should make it’s the apps on the phones, writes Jeffrey Hutton.

2016/10/17 | Edward White

Vietnamese Netizens Defiant Despite Looming Prison Threats

‘What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger’: Vietnamese bloggers and political activists will continue to criticize authorities, despite the ever-present threat of jail and an increasingly confident government.

2016/10/06 | Edward White

Renewed Fears for Religious Freedom in Vietnam

Human rights advocates are concerned about fresh restrictions on religious freedom in Vietnam.

2016/09/22 | Andy Wright

After the Vietnam War, America Flew Planes Full of Babies Back to the U.S.

Operation Babylift was a noble attempt to save young lives. But it wasn't exactly problem-free.

2016/08/10 | TNL Staff

Vietnam Deploys ‘State-of-the-Art’ Rocket Launchers in S China Sea

Vietnam is reported to have moved a new Israel-made rocket launcher to five areas in the Spratlys.

2016/08/02 | Hsu Chia-yu

Taiwanese Legislator Detained at Vietnam Airport

A Taiwanese legislator was held up by Vietnamese officials at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi for nine hours. She was on her way a Formosa Plastics plant that has been blamed for causing serious pollution. Is this a sign of jitters for Taiwan's pivot to Southeast Asia?

2016/07/26 | Edward White

Stranded Vietnamese Waiting for Answers After Kinmen Bridge Contract Canned

'People are still stranded': Vietnamese men brought to Kinmen to construct a major bridge project remain in crowded living quarters on the island and waiting for new jobs in Taiwan. Several of them are victims of human trafficking schemes, and are accruing interest on illegal debts owed to brokers.

2016/07/22 | Olivia Yang

Torture of Vietnamese Prisoners of Conscience Exposed

'They told me that I would die in prison, that I would die in that cell and my family would never know.'

2016/07/21 | ZiQing Low

Vietnam Refuses to Stamp Chinese Passports

The issuance of on-arrival visas to Chinese tourists has been a form of protest in Vietnam since China issued its new passports in 2012.

2016/07/18 | Bing-sheng Lee

Formosa Plastics May Not Be Sole Culprit in Mass Fish Deaths in Vietnam

Formosa Plastics has agreed to pay US$500 million for the mass fish death in central Vietnam, but should it take full responsibility?