2022/12/30 | East Asia Forum

Southeast Asia’s Tech Industry Goes From a Gallop to a Canter

ASEAN’s economic growth is projected to be above 5% in 2022 and 2023, outperforming China for the first time.

2018/04/29 | David Green

Q&A: The Student Investing 101 from Rookie Fund's Stephanie Tang

Essential reading for students or anyone else interested in venture capital flows in Asia.

2017/12/06 | David Green

Taiwan Startup Health2Sync Secures US$6 Mln for Japan Growth

The company's digital diabetes management offering is attracting interest around Asia as government health services grapple with aging societies and mounting costs.

2017/05/10 | Mark Humphrey-Jenner and Jo-Ann Suchard

The Value of Foreign VCs to Chinese Firms

Broader policy implication supports China’s further moves to encourage overseas VC investment.