虛擬實境(英語:virtual reality,縮寫VR),簡稱虛擬技術,也稱虛擬環境,是利用電腦類比產生一個三維空間的虛擬世界,提供使用者關於視覺等感官的類比,讓使用者感覺彷彿身歷其境,可以即時、沒有限制地觀察三維空間內的事物。 --來自 維基百科

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2016/12/08 | Nathan Jubb

Q&A with VR Artist Who Says Technology Will Destroy Us

Virtual reality has brought Tian Xiaolei’s art to life, but he maintains humans’ thirst for innovation will only end in misery.

2016/12/07 | Kyodo News

Virtual Reality to Help Boost Japanese Public Understanding of Dementia

About 1,000 people have attended its events since the project was launched in March.