隨選視訊(英文:Video On Demand,VOD或VoD)是一套可以讓使用者透過網路選擇自己想要看的視訊內容的系統。 --來自 維基百科


2023/02/15 | Deutsche Welle

Cambodia’s Ties With West Threatened by Media Clampdown

One of Cambodia’s last independent news outlets, VOD, was forcibly closed. This was allegedly due to VOD naming the prime minister’s son, and not the prime minister himself, as the signatory of an aid to Turkey after its recent earthquakes.

2022/03/21 | TNL Research

Overview of Taiwan’s VOD Market and Audience Profile in 2021 Q3

Overview of Taiwan’s VOD market in 2021 Q3, YouTube continues to be the leading platform, reaching approximately 15 million viewers per month. The audience profile of online video is about half male and half female, and more than half are over 45 years old.