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2016/09/22 | Malaysiakini
Report: Robert De Niro Linked to Malaysia Corruption Lawsuits in US
'I'm aware of it, but I don't give a s**t': De Niro on his link to Malaysia's corruption scandal.
2016/09/14 | The Japan Times
OPINION: What’s Next After the G20 Summit?
Now that the China-hosted summit is over, will Beijing ramp up its South China Sea agenda?
2016/09/13 | Don Shapiro
New Think Tank to Raise Taiwan’s Profile in the U.S.
Former Taiwan president Lee Teng-hui has been named honorary adviser to a new U.S.-based think tank.
2016/09/08 | Helen Clark
The US Push to Clean Up the Bombs it Left Behind in Laos
Recently the U.S. has substantially increased its spending on UXO clean-up in both Laos and Vietnam. Why now?
2016/09/05 | Sumit Kumar
The Future of the India-U.S. Partnership
Despite his fundamental differences with Washington D.C. on a number of issues, Prime Minister Modi demonstrated pragmatism and statesmanship, and redirected his government’s efforts to sustain and deepen ties with the U.S. What’s next?
2016/08/31 | Carol Chen
U.S. Loses Some of Its Lure for Taiwanese Wishing to Study Abroad
An increasing number of Taiwanese students are going abroad to acquire a higher education, but they are no longer necessarily headed for U.S. universities, as was once the case.
2016/08/16 | The Japan Times
OPINION: Abe's Wrong Call on Dispute over U.S. Air Base in Okinawa
The Abe administration should realize that a court battle won't bring about a positive resolution to the Okinawa base dispute.
2016/07/13 | Edward White
South China Sea: How to Enforce the Tribunal Decision?
Enforcement of the international ruling in favor of the Philippines in the South China Sea dispute now depends on the international community, the lawyer representing the Philippines says.