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2016/11/28 | Zhang Chun
In China We Trust: The Promise of a New Carbon Market
As China prepares to open a national carbon market, no immediate emissions reduction is expected when it opens next year, but its huge scale provides hope for reductions from 2020 onwards.
2016/11/25 | Ian Dudgeon
Pakistan: Leader's Reputation on the Line in Terrorist Crackdown
The prime minister's ability to deliver will be sorely tested and his credibility is on the line, writes Ian Dudgeon.
2016/11/22 | Ho-fung Hung
Trump Won't be Solely to Blame for Regression in China-U.S. Trade
China’s 'fat' SOEs already impede U.S.-China economic integration, argues Ho-fung Hung.
2016/11/19 | James Bowen
Trump: The Unimaginable President
The U.S. political system seems wholly unprepared to deal with a candidate it has never envisioned, writes James Bowen.
2016/11/18 | Crispin Rovere
Trump’s Foreign Policy: America First, Not America Only
Foreign policy specialists have made some dire predictions about a Trump presidency. Crispin Rovere disagrees with many of them.
2016/11/17 | Crispin Rovere
Yes, Trump is a Realist and No, This is Not Subjective
Donald Trump is perhaps the most realist of all candidates ever to be elected President of the United States, argues Crispin Rovere.
2016/11/16 | Chublic Opinion
People’s Republic of Spiritual Rednecks
China's Internet reacts to news of the new U.S. president.
2016/11/15 | David Shinn
China’s WTO Compliance: The U.S. Reaction
China's trade record is set to go under the spotlight with President-elect Trump's promised crackdown.
2016/11/15 | Matthew Dal Santo
The Real Trump-Putin Connection
Take a deep dive into the ideologies driving two of the most powerful men in the world.
2016/11/11 | Shashank Joshi
What Donald Trump means for India
'Donald Trump is not an unknown quantity (no-one with 34,000 tweets could be described as such) but many of his views on Asia are glib, erratic, or extreme.
2016/11/10 | Edward White
Trump and China: What to Expect at the Start of a New Era of Sino-U.S. Relations
The world needs to quickly come to terms with what for many was an unimaginable reality: Trump is President-elect of the United States.
2016/11/10 | J. Michael Cole
A Taiwan Defense Blueprint for the Trump Era
J. Michael Cole's plan for Taiwan to increase its chances of surviving a possible U.S. retrenchment from Asia under President Trump.
2016/11/09 | James Chin
Najib’s China Legacy: Who Will Be Next to Turn their Back on the U.S.?
Malaysia’s scandal-plagued Prime Minister is finding old friends in Beijing after wearing out his welcome in the West. James Chin looks at whether this is a path more ASEAN countries are likely to follow.
2016/11/07 | T J Pempel
What Can Asia Expect Under Hillary’s Presidency?
Short of a zombie invasion or some equivalent deus ex machina, Hillary Clinton's presidency is all but guaranteed.
2016/11/03 | Ajey Lele
China’s Space Station Ambitions
There is a strong possibility that, after 2024, the Chinese station will be the only space station in orbit.