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2017/01/18 | Bernt Berger
OPINION: Tapei and Beijing Should Tell the US to Back Off
' Taipei submitting to demands for nationalist self-determination at home will result in greater dependency and shifts of the U.S.'s One-China policy.'
2017/01/18 | Dmitry Filippov
Japan's Perilous Russian Rapprochement
Abe should not lose sight of the perils of a charm offensive with Moscow, especially in the wake of the Donald Trump victory, argues Dmitry Flippov.
2017/01/16 | David Brown
The Art of a Trump-China deal
The incoming Trump administration is clearly intent on changing Beijing’s behavior, argues David Brown.
2017/01/12 | TNL Staff
Tillerson Reaffirms Support for Taiwan, Likens South China Sea to Crimea
‘I think it is important that Taiwan knows we are going to live up to the commitments under the Relations Act and Six Issues Accord,’ Tillerson said.
Trump’s Tactics to Take on the World
'Trump has one basic strategy: Seize the initiative and never let it go," writes Courtney Donovan Smith.
2017/01/04 | Sam Bateman
South China Sea Dramas Distract from Greater Dangers in Asia
China and the United States have a responsibility to temper their actions and rhetoric in the South China Sea and keep their eyes on the bigger global and regional pictures.
2016/12/28 | Edward White
Trump’s Unlikely Ally: The Chinese Dissident
A high-profile Chinese dissident sees U.S. President-elect Donald Trump as a potential game changer for human rights in China.
2016/12/21 | The Japan Times
China Tests the United States
China has frequently tested U.S. leaders as soon as they take office and Trump’s statements have raised the stakes for Beijing.
2016/12/21 | Derek Ye Xiao Di
China’s Charm Offensive Creates a Headache for Trump
Amid a thinning number of Southeast Asian allies, and a reenergized charm offensive from China, the question now is how U.S. President-elect Trump will approach the region.
2016/12/20 | Haiming Liu
Who Owns Culture? The Case of P.F. Chang’s Chinese Restaurants
'When taken and used as a commodity, food is no longer an inherited culture.'
2016/12/07 | J. Michael Cole
Taiwan, Not the US, to Pay the Price for the Trump-Tsai Call
While punishing Taiwan may be Beijing’s proximate aim, China may also hope to convince the Trump administration that closer engagement with Taipei isn’t in their interests, as this will inevitably lead to renewed instability in the Taiwan Strait, argues J. Michael Cole
2016/12/05 | Edward White
Does Trump Spell the End for Kissinger’s China-U.S. Strategy?
Does the historic Trump-Tsai call mark the beginning of the end for America's long-held strategy with China?
2016/12/05 | Adam P MacDonald
Myanmar’s Great Power Balancing Act
While continuing to deepen diplomatic and economic relations with the United States and the West, Aung San Suu Kyi has avoided adopting positions on divisive strategic matters such as the South and East China Sea disputes
Parsing the Significance of the Tsai-Trump Call
 So what does this portend for U.S.-Taiwan-China relations under the Trump administration?
2016/12/03 | Edward White
Taiwan’s Opposition Questions Value of Trump-Tsai Phone Call
The conversation, which took place on Friday, is thought to be the first time a president or president-elect of the United States has directly talked to the leader of Taiwan since 1979.
2016/12/01 | Zhang Chun
In China We Trust: The Promise of a New Carbon Market
As China prepares to open a national carbon market, no immediate emissions reduction is expected when it opens next year, but its huge scale provides hope for reductions from 2020 onwards.
2016/11/29 | Alek Chance
Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy and China
We cannot count on Trump to be an isolationist; this common expectation is misguided and based in an oversimplification of his rhetoric, argues Alek Chance.
How Will Trump Respond to Duterte's 'Game-Changer' in Asia?
Will Trump attend next year’s ASEAN–U.S. Summit in Manila? The decision will have far-reaching implications.