維吾爾族(維吾爾語:ئۇيغۇر‎ / Uyghur / Уйғур),是生活在歐亞大陸內陸的突厥語民族,主要分布在中國新疆南部和中亞地區,主要使用屬突厥語族的維吾爾語和以波斯阿拉伯字母為基礎的維吾爾老文字。 --來自 維基百科


2020/05/25 | Voice of America

Uyghurs in US Say China Using Detained Family Members in Forced Interviews

Chinese media has released a series of separate videos showed Uighurs in Xinjiang allegedly denouncing their detention as propaganda. Uighur community members in the United States are expressing skepticism.

2017/05/09 | ZiQing Low

Syria Aims to Win Chinese Support with Exaggerated Numbers of Uighur ISIS Fighters

Previous reports suggest about 100 Uighurs are involved in ISIS, but it is hard to verify these numbers due to strict information control in the Xinjiang.

2017/03/16 | Adrian Zenz and James Leibold

Xinjiang’s Rapidly Evolving Security State

The CCP's heavy-handed approach in Xinjiang creates an atmosphere of insecurity by legitimizing increasingly intrusive surveillance measures that are chiefly focused on the Uyghur minority.

2017/02/08 | Dr. Willy Wo-Lap Lam

Beijing’s New Scorched-Earth Policy Against the Uighurs

The exacerbation of police state mechanisms has obviously failed to deter the growth of radicalism in the autonomous region

2016/08/01 | Olivia Yang

China Invites Taliban to Beijing for Five-Day Visit

Analysts believe that the Chinese government's involvement in Afghanistan is to strengthen China’s national security, especially in Xinjiang Province.

2015/12/27 | Kenzo

China Might Deport French Journalist for Article on China's Race Policy

French journalist of L'Obs magazine, Ursula Gauthier, which was published on November 18, accused the Chinese authorities of using the Paris attacks to justify the repression in Xinjiang. She believes the reason Beijing claims to stand with Paris is to win international support to justify crackdowns on the Uighur people.