優步(英語:Uber,/ˈuːbər/)是一間交通網路公司,總部位於美國加利福尼亞州舊金山,以開發行動應用程式連結乘客和司機,提供載客車輛租賃及媒合共乘的分享型經濟服務。 --來自 維基百科


2016/09/28 | Malaysiakini

Malaysian Taxi Drivers Protest Uber, Grab

Popular ride-sharing apps like Uber continue to cause headaches for taxi drivers and lawmakers in Asia.

2016/08/19 | Edward White

Taiwan's Uber Saga Casts Doubt on Readiness for Digital Future

It is unlikely that the popular ride-sharing service Uber will be kicked out of the country, but the Taiwanese government will continue to fine the company for operating illegally. Are lawmakers scrambling to find measures to deal with new disruptive technologies?

2016/08/04 | John Colley

How Uber Crashed in China

Like Google and Amazon before it, Uber found that Chinese markets tend to be enormously competitive with very narrow margins.

2016/07/29 | Yuan-ling Liang

Legalization of Uber in China Leaves Taiwan in the Dust: David Tai

'Taiwan needs a complete policy for seeking more opportunities for our companies. Overprotection and changing nothing will take Taiwan nowhere.'

2016/07/28 | ZiQing Low

Taiwanese Government to Combat Uber with 'Diversified Taxis'

A Taiwanese version of a popular ride-sharing app is in the works to curb Uber's expansion in the country.

2016/06/24 | Zulaikha Zulkifli

Malaysian Taxi Drivers Confront Uber Rivals

"The more we protest, the more people want to use Uber and GrabCar."

2016/06/23 | David Willson

Uber: More than its Controversy

I admire the way in which Uber Taiwan has integrated the social good that it does completely into who they are as a company and for me this makes them an outstanding example of strategic corporate social responsibility.

2016/05/18 | TNL 編輯

Uber Stumbling in Asia?

Despite Uber's rapid growth in Asia, a powerful Chinese rival in Didi has emerged and tension between Uber and its drivers is now on the rise.

2016/02/19 | TNL 編輯

[UPDATED] Uber Ruled Illegal in Taiwan

Uber, an APP providing cab-calling service, has been ruled illegal by the Taipei High Administrative Court. The company hires drivers who do not have vehicles registered for commercial use. Its main goal is to create a platform that allows unregistered vehicles to take passengers and charge for the service, both of which are considered against the regulations in Taiwan.

2016/01/03 | Shih Yuan

Government Promoting Pre-Booking Taxis to Challenge Uber Taiwan

According to the new taxi regulations drafted by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, pre-booking taxis will soon be allowed. The color of these taxis also does not have to be yellow, and they can charge more than normal taxis.

2015/11/19 | Shih Yuan

Uber Suspension in Taiwan Cancelled; MOTC to Keep Appealing

The court thinks that the registered services of Uber include management consultancy, data processing service, electronic information supply service and third-party payment service, but doesn't include auto-transportation service. The Directorate General of Highways suspending Uber is beyond the regulation of the Highway Act, so the court cancelled the suspension. Yet, the case can still be appealed.

2015/08/14 | TNL香港編輯

50,000 People Sign Petition for Uber in Hong Kong

The people of Hong Kong are now discussing other possible transportation other than the Hong Kong railway, including taxis. The government is researching whether or not to introduce high-quality taxi services.