2018/03/28 | New Bloom

OPINION: Trump's Tariffs on Taiwan Point to a Deeper Truth

The recent hit to Taiwan's steel industry raise questions about the nature of the relationship between Taiwan and the United States.

2018/03/07 | David Green

AmCham Taipei Survey Calls for Labor Flexibility, Improved Policy Coordination

AmCham members positive over future but urge more action on labor flexibility and policy coordination.

2018/03/03 | David Green

Taiwan Travel Act awaits Trump Verdict

The bill passed the U.S. House and Senate with veto-proof majorities.

2016/03/17 | TNL 編輯

US Scholar Calls For US Presidential Candidates’ Attention On Cross-Strait Relations

While all the US presidential candidates have been bringing up issues regarding terrorism and ISIS, Taiwan has only been mentioned once in the presidential debates so far. However, a US scholar working for a research organization has called on the candidates to pay more attention to cross-strait issues.

2016/02/23 | TNL 編輯

Chinese Government Sends Warning Letter To Taiwan-Supporting US Representative

On February 4, the Chinese government sent a letter to a US representative, who has been promoting interactions between Taiwan and the State of Mississippi, requesting him not to encourage official exchanges between Taiwan and the US.

2015/11/17 | Yuan

Taiwan’s First Self-Made Satellite Will Be Launched Next Year

NPSO's Mechanical Engineering Division Director Chen Jia-ruei says that FORMOSAT-5 will provide two-meter resolution images, which means objects within two meters of length and width can be clearly shown on the ground. This can provide rescue teams with clear and real-time images to help relieve disasters.